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Toro Bravo Tempranillo Merlot 2019

5 out of 5 star review

Price: $8.30

Tastes Like:

Licorice, Raspberry, Oak, Plum

Serve With:

Chocolate, Mexican, Tapas

Chuck’s Take

Here’s a good value pickup to have around when you need a weekday wine.  It’s a balanced blend of tempranillo and merlot where the best of both come through.  The spicy/earthy side of tempranillo against the round/juicy side of merlot.  The price is pretty much the lowest you can find a bottle of red for in my area.  Overall I’d say that for the price this wine does punch above it’s weight.  It also just so happens to go well with a box of chocolates!

The label is not only full of useless knowledge of bulls (and things of bull related nature), but Sean and I also noticed that his bottle had a “sticker score” of 94 and mine had one saying 90.  Shady?  What’s in a sticker anyways?  Listen to me us.  Online strangers have mentioned theirs didn’t live up to the rating of 96.   Do I again need to say the bottle is under $9?

Sean’s Take

This wine gets a lot of hype, especially after being featured in a major newspaper.  Medium bodied, easy to drink with or without food. I think the Merlot is there to round the edges off the Tempranillo and it worked perfectly. Raspberry, red berries, and a bit of spice.  A very well made wine at a great price. Will become a house staple.

This wine was featured on Episode 1 of The Wine Podcast for Everyone


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