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Spumante Bambino

2 out of 5 star review

Price: $9.95

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Golden Pear, Golden Delicious Apple

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Chuck’s Take

When only the best will do.  For peak moments of maximum celebration.  BREAK OUT THE BAMBINO!   This is a sweet, cheap, golden pear, golden apple sparkling wine.  You can get away with the sweetness because it’s only 7%

I bought a 4 pack of 375mL bottles.  It was the right move because you don’t want a lot of this stuff.  If you have a big glass it will get sickly sweet fast.  A flute worth for a small toast?  Perfect amount.  Do I plan on using the remaining 3 bottles to celebrate a few smaller day-to-day accomplishments like putting my laundry away grown-up style?  Probably.  Yeah, that’s probably how it’s gonna go.

“Wow, that’s a sweet pear cider!”
-Me (in a blind tasting)

Asti Spumante vs Spumante Bambino

This wine is featured in Episode 4 “Champagne Alternatives – Boujie on a Budget” of The Wine Podcast for Everyone


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