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Malamatina Retsina

3 out of 5 star review

Price: $6.20

Tastes Like:

Lemon, Pine, Clove

Serve With:

Spiced Olives, Ginger Cookies, Rosemary Chicken

Sean’s Take

Yes, you read that correctly, pine. The lemon or citrus is immediately clear on the first sniff, then the surprise. Retsina is an ancient style of wine where pine resin was used to seal the wine vessel imparting a pine taste to the wine. Today pine resin is introduced in the winemaking process to achieve the flavour. This is very different from what you’re probably familiar with and a bit of surprise on the first sip. It’s not offputting but takes a few sips to get oriented. It’s a fun wine to try for just a few bucks. It’s…an experience.


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