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Cupcake Light Hearted Chardonnay

2 out of 5 star review

Price: $15.95

Tastes Like:

Tropical Fruit, Melon, Tangerine Peel

Sean’s Take

A typical glass of white wine has around 120 calories in it. This wines labels boldly boasts 100 calories (per 188 ml). 188 ml? A standard glass of wine is 5 oz or 147 ml (appx. 5 glasses). So a hundred calories is a bit more than a glass, not a bad thing. However, if you divide 188 ml into a standard bottle of 750 ml you get 3.98 glasses. I suspect marketing just wanted “100 Calories” on the label.

Tropical Fruit, Melon, and Tangerine Peel sound delicious but they landed as flat and uninteresting followed by an intensely sour finish. Not sure if it’s the low alcohol volume (8%) or something else, but at the end of the day, this doesn’t really taste like Chardonnay. I’ll take the extra ~20 calories or whatever it is converted to a 5 oz. glass of wine.

This wine was featured in Episode 013 How Much Sugar Is in a Glass of Wine? of the No Snob Wine Podcast.


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