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Calvet Brut Celebration Rosé

5 out of 5 star review

Price: $16.95

Tastes Like:

Peach, Floral, Cracker

Serve With:

Fresh Fruit, Cured Meat, Soft Cheese

Sean’s Take

I need to clarify something, in Episode 4 “Champagne Alternatives – Boujie on a Budget” of The Wine Podcast for Everyone, I said I don’t like Champagne. What I primarily do not like about Champagne is the price. Yes, I do find it overly dry and austere, but that IS what Champagne is and this $16.95 sparkling wine might as well be a Champagne.

While it’s missing some of the complexity of higher-end Champers this is basically Champagne, I was shocked. It’s made in France and therefore I suspect the winemaker knows a thing or two about blending Champagne (spoiler alert, most champagne is blended wine).

Peach aroma, vaguely floral flavour, fine polite bubbles, clean finish. What’s not to like? Perfect for when you don’t want the sparkling wine to be star of the show, but rather a strong supporting character.

Bonus points for the gorgeous bottle, looks like etched crystal. Really knocked it out of the park. Great hostess gift.


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