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Bodacious Bubbles Sparkling Wine

3 out of 5 star review

Price: $12.95

Tastes Like:

Peach, Tropical Fruit, Kiwi

Serve With:

Goat Cheese, Baked Brie, Candied Almonds

Sean’s Take

If you know me then you know I can be skeptical of “big brand” wines. There are several reasons for this and we are going to do an entire podcast on the subject, but I digress for now.

It’s sweet but not overly so. Smells of peach and tastes like kiwis and tropical fruits, hints of pineapple. The bubbles are small making it easy to drink and minimizing the urge to politely belch in  ones cupped hand, polite like. This sparkling wine is a nice change from your typical austere french style versions.

This wine is featured in Episode 4 “Champagne Alternatives – Boujie on a Budget” of The Wine Podcast for Everyone


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