The Wine Podcast For Everyone

How much do you really need to spend on a “good” bottle of wine? Do you want to become a more adventurous wine drinker?  Want to impress someone while on a budget?

We’ve got you covered. Reality is not every dinner is steak and lobster, we feature wines that we think are perfect for pizza or to sip on over long chats with good friends. Every bottle we feature always costs less than $20, and often under $10!

Chuck (not a Sommelier) and Sean (an actual Sommelier) offer advice to tackle practical questions about wine. Each episode is around 15 minutes, addresses one question about wine, and introduces you to two new wines we think you should know about…or in some cases stay away from.

We keep it light and humorous without any snobby or fussy wine language. As the podcast name says, this really is for everyone.

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Episode 001

Discover Your New Favourite Wine – Shop Like a Pro

Welcome to the first ever episode of The Wine Podcast for Everyone! In this episode, we tackle navigating the wine store. Chuck & Sean have some tips to help you find your new favourite wine or just change it up from your usual trusted bottle.

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Episode 002

Is DIY Wine Worth It?

Have you ever considered making your own wine? Chuck & Sean debate the pros and cons of making wine at home or at a do it yourself retailer. They share their personal experiences and stories of giving and receiving homemade wine. Sean tastes a wine from Mexico and let’s just say it was “interesting”.

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Episode 003

Tips for Giving The Perfect Gift of Wine

Wine makes a great gift but if sometimes you’re not sure what to give and at what price range you need this episode. Chuck & Sean talk about those awkward moments when you bring wine to a party and the host isn’t sure what to do with it. Sean explains a winner takes all wine game you’ll want to play with your friends.

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Episode 004

Champange Aletrnatives – Boujie on a Budget

Do you have something to celebrate…or not? Chuck & Sean discuss the best alternatives to Champagne, how to safely open a bottle of sparkling wine, and some serving ideas. Sean reveals his true feelings on expensive French Champagne. Chuck shares two classic Italian cheap sparkling wines with mixed results and we are pleasantly surprised by a tropical fruit-tasting sparkling wine from Canada.

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Episode 005

Do you drink Red or White with that?

Maybe you love steak but just don’t enjoy red wine. Chuck and Sean offer alternatives to traditional wine pairings for some classic dishes and offer some suggestions for serving wine with Thai, Greek, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and other cuisines. Then they play a rapid fire game to see what wine they would pair with random food like Poutine, BBQ chips, Egg Salad, Blueberry Pie, Cheeseburger, Mac and Cheese. Chuck features an unfiltered vegan organic red blend wine from Italy, and Sean features a vegan organic Pinot Noir from Chile.

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Episode 006

Counter, Fridge, or Freezer – What’s the best way to save leftover wine?

Chuck and Sean do an experiment over 7 days to figure out the best way to save leftover wine. They store leftover wine on the counter, in the refrigerator, and in the freezer then taste each on days 1, 2, 3, and finally a frozen sample on day 7. They taste each sample blind and rate them Olympic style, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Sean has big reservations about the freezer and Chuck’s method proves to be tried and true.

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