Do you drink Red or White with that?

Maybe you love steak but just don’t enjoy red wine. Chuck and Sean have alternatives to traditional wine pairings for some classic dishes and offer some suggestions for enjoying wine with Thai, Greek, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and other cuisines.

Then they play a rapid fire game to see what wine they would pair with random food like Poutine, BBQ chips, Egg Salad, Blueberry Pie, Cheeseburger, Mac and Cheese.

Bonus Content: Did you know that most wine is not vegan friendly? Chuck and Sean explain why that is.

Chuck features an unfiltered vegan organic red blend wine from Italy, and Sean features a vegan organic Pinot Noir from Chile.

For more information about the wine featured in this episode check out the links below.

Cono Sur Vegan Organic Pinot Noir from Italy $14.05

Fresco Di Masi Rosso Vegan Organic $18.95