About Us

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(Just a fan)

Chuck has a deep and ongoing passion for wine, winemaking, beer making, and food. He falls in the “Master Homer Brewer” category diligently understanding and manipulating every ingredient at the chemical level to achieve his desired outcome. He also develops his own recipes and can often be found making cheese from scratch. His palate tends to old world wines which are earthy and restrained.

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(Actual Sommelier)

Sean has a certification from the International Sommelier Guild and is an avid collector of wine but doesn’t refer to himself as a “Sommelier”, more of an Enthusiast. He has hosted structured wine tastings for corporate groups and friends. He has been fortunate to participate in wine tastings and education events in Canada, the United States, Japan, France, Italy, Costa Rica, and Mexico. His palate tends to the new world wines which are fruit heavy and bold.

How No Snob Wine Began

Chuck and Sean met in 2007 while working at a technology company. They quickly figured out they both had a passion for food and wine and found themselves regularly talking about their latest experience.

They also share a deep joy in getting a good deal. This became somewhat of a competition of who could find the best bottle of wine at the lowest price. Friends and family took notice and would often ask for their best wine recommendations.

When they made recommendations to friends and family they would ask typical questions about what they liked and what they enjoyed in the past. In nearly all their discussions a clear theme was emerging and it sounded something like this…

  • I don’t know anything about wine
  • The words used to describe wine sound vague or confusing
  • I just want a good but inexpensive bottle

No Snob Wine (originally nosnob.com) was created in 2008 to help connect people with good wine at good prices. We made it our mission to use approachable language, realistic food pairings, and a pinch of humour to the audience.

Old vs. New

Old world wines tend to be more earthy and restrained. If this sounds good to you be sure to follow Chuck’s posts.

New world wines tend to be more fruity and bold. If this sounds like your ideal wine be sure to follow Sean’s posts.

Hey, we have our biases – we don’t hide them, we embrace them.

What We Do & How We Do It

The What

We taste and rate wines that cost less than $20 on a 5 star scale. All the wines we taste and share on the site are purchased using our own money. If a wine is given to us for free we would note that in the review or post.

No Snob Wine accounts for human bias which is not typical in the wine world. Chuck and Sean are upfront about their biases and encourage our readers to understand them. In case you missed it Chuck leans toward old world styles while Sean leans toward new world wine making styles. It’s simple but it means a lot.

The How

  1. We taste each wine within minutes of opening it
  2. We do not read labels or descriptions before tasting
  3. The same size and shape of the glass is used every time
  4. If the first impression is poor we taste it again one hour after opening then again with food

5 Stars Explained

Here’s what it takes for a wine to be considered 5 star…

Correctness: Does the wine display the qualities you should expect from the grape it is made from. This includes colour, aroma, taste, mouthfeel. Then the more fussy things like weight, balance, acid, tannins, alcohol, etc.

Punch above its weight: Does the wine “drink like” a more expensive wine. As in they could slap a higher price on the bottle and would still be a good deal.

Welcome Home:  Would I buy it again? The answer must be a firm yes.

5 Star Consensus: Before handing out a 5 star review both Chuck and Sean must agree that the wine is a winner.

Value + Quality = No Snob Wine

Since 2008 No Snob has been on the hunt for the best wines at a great price. We focus on wines that cost less than $20 per bottle and truly taste great. Join us on our journey and hopefully along the way you find the perfect wine just for you.